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Stress fractures

Stress fractures from the point of view of Ayurveda

A stress fracture is a very small crack in the bone. Stress injuries can be found in the shin bone, foot, heel, hip and lower back. A stress reaction that goes untreated will develop into a stress fracture. These are very common in people with active routines like sports or stunts. In a stress fracture, a small crack develops from repetitive trauma, which is usually caused by overuse. Risk factors for stress fractures : practicing incorrect training or sport technique using poor equipment or improper footwear too rapid of a training program or volume of activity poor diet that has inadequate caloric intake low vitamin D level. age weight medical conditions - Osteoporosis or other diseases that weaken bone The symptoms of a stress fracture can include - Pain, swelling or aching at the site of fracture. Ayurveda explains fractures of the bones,as lack of motion and fracture is referred as Bhagna in Ayurvedic texts.

How Ayurvedic doctors treat Stress fractures

Ayurveda offers natural ways for fast fracture healing by promoting bone strength and wellness.  Ayurvedic formula to heal fractures and strengthen bones offers various Ayurvedic medicines  which ingredients are rich in natural calcium, magnesium and other minerals.  Ayurvedic doctors can recommend Boniheal, Ossigen, Hadjod as internal Ayurvedic medicine  in the treatment of bone fractures.

The goal of Ayurveci treatment of fractures is to restore functional abilities of the individual. Therefore, treatment is an individual approach.

Ayurvedic external treatments will help to reduce inflammatory pathology and increase blood circulation to bones making the reunion faster using variouse Ayurvedic treatment techniques. 

Oil massage therapies are a popular method in Ayurveda, in shaping the bones back to their original form , but it is important to note, that  oil massage only by experts helps ensuring quick recovery and that the bones set in the right shape. 

Also herbal medicines in the form of pastes are applied to rejoin the splints and the bones,  herbal pastes such as Kasamarda and Kumari, also Lepa therapy (herbal application of paste over a particular part of the body) .

In cases fracture has occurred on marma points (vital areas), special attention is required. Only expert of Ayurveda can manage and treat complicated multiple fractures.

Detailed consultation and appropriate treatment methods are provided during the consultation from an Ayurvedic doctor.


More tips for prevention and Ayurvedic treatment of Stress fractures:

  • pineapple daily –  for better healing. It helps in diminishing inflammation and reducing pain
  •  – Drink milk
  • –  eat lots of fresh fruits
  • – Avoid red meat, carbonated drinks, and caffeinated beverages
  • – Stop smoking. Smoking affects the blood flow to the injured bone thereby delaying the recovery
  • –  The best advice for the healing of broken bones is rest

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