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Pyorrhoea from the point of view of Ayurveda

Pyorrhea, also known as periodontitis, is a multifactorial disease that directly affects oral gums and the bone. Pyorrhea affects the periodontium, that is, the organ that holds up the teeth and is made up of gingiva, bone, and ligament. A few of the major symptoms for Pyorrhoea - Swollen gums, bad breath,loose teeth , painful chewing, pus between the teeth and gums, tender and sensitive gums, bleeding when flossing or brushing, deep pockets form between the gums and the teeth, bleeding when eating fruits . Some of the most common types of Pyorrhea: - Chronic Pyorrhea - this is the most common type of pyorrhea. It is caused by gradual plaque buildup, which then causes gum recession and bone deterioration - Aggressive Pyorrhea- It is a hereditary type of Pyorrhea. It is called Aggressive Pyorrhea is, because if it is left untreated, this destructive pyorrhea type will cause rapid progression of bone loss, eventually causing tooth loss or a fracture - Necrotizing Pyorrhea: This is the worst type of pyorrhea that involves the death of supporting bone, gum tissue and tooth ligaments caused by lack of blood supply, which results in severe infection. This tyoe of Pyirrhea affects people who have a weak immune system, which may be due to HIV infection or Cancer .

How Ayurvedic doctors treat Pyorrhoea

In Ayurveda Pyorrhea is called ‘Putidanta or Dantaveshta’.
From the view point of Ayurveda –  Pyorrhea reflects vitiation of Rasa and Rakta Dhatus.
Ayurveda treatment aims solving the problems of a patient with herbal remedies, massaging, diet, and lifestyle advice. It believes that Pyorrhea forms as a result of poor digestion. Ayurveda medical practice aims at improving the functions of a digestive system effectively that can help to manage symptoms.
Ayurveda provides methods for removing toxins from the body to keep health in a better state for a long time. Besides that, Ayurveda recommends tooth powders for eliminating the formation of pus and bleeding. It utilizes the inherent power of herbal plants that can do major wonders on the body.
Popular Ayurvedic Herbs Used in Pyorrhea Treatment:
– Haritaki is an important herb that plays a key role in treating pyorrhea disorder with high success rates.
– Arjuna is a powerful herbal plant which can help in preventing infections due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 
– Dalchini herb allows the patients to recover from gum problems efficiently.
– Amalaki the herb enables a person to control the pyorrhea symptoms such as bleeding and pus formation.
– Bibhitaki  –  plays a key role in purifying the blood that lowers the pyorrhea problems.
– Neem herb is used as a dental and gum cleaner
Those who suffer from pyorrhea problems must make sure that their digestive system functions properly to eliminate potential threats. They should focus more on avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and heavy goods which produce toxins in the body.

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More tips for prevention and Ayurvedic treatment of Pyorrhoea:

  • black raisins with water+  a pinch of rock salt  – drink this before at bedtime. It is helpfull for curing pyorrhoea

  • Licorice root powder mixed with honey use for gum massage

  • Drink fresh juices of carrot and spinach

  • Rub rock salt or camphor powder on gums to improve oral hygiene and prevents pyorrhea.

  • Applying sesame oil, mustard oil on gums and teeth reduces bacterial growth 

  • Gargling with warm sesame oil,

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