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Vaidyaratnam Manasamithram Gulika Tablet

Vaidyaratnam Manasamithra Gulika Tablet is a herbal mixture used mainly in the treatment of mental disorders, sleep disorders, depression, and anxiety. The formulation consists of 73 ingredients and is mainly indicated in the treatment of autism, epilepsy, manias, phobias, poisoning and schizophrenia.


Bala,Nagabala (Grewia populifolia), Bilva (bael root), Prishniparni, Pravala pishti, Shankhapushpi, Tamrachuda padika, Swarna bhasma, Pushkaramoola, Mrigashringa bhasma

Ayurveda isn’t just for those looking to heal specific diseases or conditions. It is great for anyone who wants to prioritize their health, feel better and find balance in their life.

 That’s where Alveda comes in to bridge the world with Ayurveda

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