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Subscription Alveda (monthly payment)

Please note that the subscription is offered by doctors. In case you haven’t selected a doctor and have purchased a subscription, we will contact you to help you choose the right doctor.

  • Individual recomendations on initial course of bioregulators
  • Unlimited number of express consultations with your therapist to control your well-being and the course of treatment (consultation duration – 5-10 minutes).
  • Determination of your dosha, the formation of recommendations on the way of life based on it
  • Providing written opinions with recommendations
  • Service “Personal account”, which stores the history of applications, the rehabilitation program, all tests (before the start of the course and after passing) and written recommendations of doctors
  • Ability to replace your personal physician therapist free of charge without additional payments
  • Unlimited access to the Alveda Knowledge Base: yoga program, nutrition, breathing training
  • Special discounts for retreats and supplements
  • Ability to freeze a package for 1 month without losing funds


Ayurveda isn’t just for those looking to heal specific diseases or conditions. It is great for anyone who wants to prioritize their health, feel better and find balance in their life.

 That’s where Alveda comes in to bridge the world with Ayurveda

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