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Liver Spots (Age Spots)

Age spots from the point of view of Ayurveda

Age spots are yellowish-brown flat spots that resemble large freckles. They are thought to be caused by aging, excessive sun exposure, impaired liver function, and a dietary or nutritional deficiency. Age spots can appear anywhere on your body, including your face, hands, shoulders, and forearms. They are caused by the overproduction of melanin in our skin. Melanocytes, which produce melanin, may produce more melanin in specific areas of the skin, resulting in liver spots. Inadequate liver function, as well as dietary and nutritional deficiencies, can all be causes of age spots. Our metabolism changes as we age, and the liver may become so overburdened with toxins that it is unable to eliminate them, resulting in age spots. According to Ayurveda, liver spots occur due to imbalance of Vata and Pitta doshas.

How Ayurvedic doctors treat age spots

According to Ayurveda, in order to treat liver spots, we must first determine which dosha — Vata or Pitta — is out of balance. Then, to balance the dosha, a proper diet must be followed.
A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet promote healthy skin and prevent liver spots from appearing on the skin.
A variety of herbs are used to treat liver spots. These herbs are the primary components of some oils that are effective at removing dark spots.
Ayurveda also considers a person’s internal processes and emotions. Diseases begin at the energy level and then manifest on the physical body.

Ayurvedic tips for prevention and treatment of age spots:

  • Include fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as plenty of water, in your daily diet
  • Avoid excessive chocolate, sweets, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and junk foods
  • Apply fresh lemon juice to the affected areas twice daily
  • Apply castor oil to the affected areas
  • Use saffron in your diet
  • Rub sandalwood powder, orange zest, and orange juice on the affected areas

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