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Dosha Imbalance

Three Dosha

Ayurvedic Treatment for Sexual Disorders: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Sexual disorders are prevalent among both men and women, and they can be caused by various factors, such as physical or psychological disorders. Delayed treatment of sexual problems can lead to more complicated and deeper issues. Ayurveda has specific medicines and treatments to address various sexual problems, including hormonal imbalances, anxiety, and depression.

How can an Ayurvedic Doctor Help with Sexual Disorders?

Ayurvedic doctors can help treat sexual disorders using various Ayurvedic methods and herbs that are specifically designed to address sexual health issues. They prescribe herbal medicines based on several factors and can help reduce fragility and improve sexual health. Ayurvedic treatment is known for being an excellent choice for genital diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases, because the drugs do not cause side effects and other health problems.

Ayurvedic doctors start by diagnosing the problem, and then they draw up a customized treatment plan that includes the right Ayurvedic medicine, herbs, and other methods that will promote treatment.

Which Parts of the Body are Affected in Case of Sexual Disorders?

Several parts of the body can be affected by sexual disorders, including the pelvic area, genitals, back, legs, skin, immunity, and heart.

Types of Sexual Disorders

Sexual, AIDS, Erectile Dysfunction, Frigidity, Oligospermia, Premature Ejaculation, Syphilis, Peyronie's disease, Loss of libido in men, Sexually transmitted diseases, Retrograde ejaculation, Libido disorders women, Orgasm disorders, Sexual pain, Arousal disorders, HIV / AIDS.

Chakra Location, Dosha Imbalance, and Emotions that Block

Chakra Location
Sacral Chakra - Svadhishthana
2nd  chakra

Dosha Imbalance
Three dosha

Emotions that Block
Resentment, fear, insecurity, anger, claims, contempt, the continuing role of the victim.