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Dosha Imbalance

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Ayurvedic Approach to Common Diseases

A disease is a deviation from the normal functional state of the body, characterized by specific signs and symptoms. While the line between health and disease may not always be clear, recognizing the signs and symptoms of illness is crucial to understanding the body's normal state. Examples of such deviations include alcoholism and smoking.

How can Ayurvedic doctors help?

Ayurvedic therapy aims to identify and eliminate the root cause of the disease, providing permanent relief. Ayurvedic methods of disease management can be broadly classified into four categories:

  • Shodane or Cleansing
  • Shaman or Palliation
  • Rasayana or Renewal
  • Satvajaya or Spiritual Hygiene

A combination of these methods and treatments can help restore balance in the body, prevent disease, and promote health stabilization. Ayurvedic treatment mainly consists of powders, tablets, decoctions, medicinal oils, massages, pranayama, Panch Karma, and yoga therapies. Proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices are also crucial to maintaining overall well-being. Diseases such as alcoholism, smoking, and obesity are usually attributed to an imbalance in the soul rather than the physical body.

Which parts of the body are affected?

All body parts, including the emotional and physical body, can be affected by diseases.

Common Diseases and their Ayurvedic Management

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Colitis, Fatigue, Flatulence, Ano-rectal, Most Common Diseases, Food poisoning, Intestinal worms, Hemorrhoids, Diarrhea, Cold Sores (Fever Blisters), Obesity, Dandruff, Hair Fall, Head lice, Dry Hair, Acne, Eczema, Warts, Allergies, Cellulite, Joint pain, Lower back pain, Chest infections, Common cold, Urinary tract infection (UTI), Bed wetting, Prostatitis, Stroke, Migraine, Depression, Chronic fatigue syndrome, High blood pressure -Hypertension, Low blood pressure - Hypotension, High cholesterol, Varicose veins, Smoking, Alcoholism, Head pain, Toothache, HIV / AIDS, Constipation, Conjunctivitis, Snoring, High fever, Nosebleeds (Epistaxis), Sunburn.

Chakra Location, Dosha Imbalance, and Emotions that Block

Chakra Location: All Chakras

Dosha Imbalance: Three Doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha

Emotions that Block: Fear, Hatred, Jealousy, Resentment, Anger, Despair.