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Ayurveda is based on nature and balance. By identifying any imbalances or health issues, ayurvedic practitioners can work with you to heal these naturally through lifestyle changes and the addition of specific foods, herbs, spices or supplements into your diet.

Our bodies are made of certain basic mind-body elements or life forces, called Doshas. Symptoms of illness are simply the reflection of the imbalance in one’s Doshas. To balance these, therapists prescribe medicines which help remove impurities, treat symptoms and boost immunity.

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You can book slot with the Ayurveda expert after choosing the right package for your problems.

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Experts study your body, understand your problems and their root causes. This helps them design a personalized recovery plan for your condition.

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Our experts will suggest natural ways and medicines by which you can tackle your problems. These include herbs, spices, oils and other natural ingredients.

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Nature-inspired solutions for a healthier you

Ayurveda isn’t just for those looking to heal specific diseases or conditions. It is great for anyone who wants to prioritize their health, feel better and find balance in their life. That’s where Alveda comes in to bridge the world with Ayurveda

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Elevating Wellness, naturally Health, redefined by nature


Pitta governs the metabolic processes and is the energy of fire and water. It has to do with change, digestion, and bravery.


Vata governs bodily motion and is the force of the air. It has to do with impulsivity, connection, and inventiveness.


The energy of water and soil, or kapha, regulations growth. It has to do with fortitude, nutrition, and rootedness.


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